Ghost Mannequin
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Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin is known as an invisible mannequin effect. This is one of the best ways to present your product at the online market within a cost-effective way by the tools of Ghost Mannequin service. It’s a technique to display your cloth item at the online market to your customers.

Due to technological development all over the world, the number of online shops is increasing rapidly. As digitalization has great effect for visual market and for that reason Ghost Mannequin getting more and more popular.

If we look at the US market you can see around 12-14 million online clothing store available as on statistics conducted in 2017. It’s a clear indication to us how much have the potentiality of e-commerce at the clothing industry. As in this market has strong competition for that reason it’s also quite hard to sustain with the competitors. In that case, you can only differentiate your businesses by the unique strategy like by the ghost mannequin service. This will give especial identification than others. Way to apply Ghost Mannequin on the product image

We can apply as on below two criteria:

•             Each file editing by your own: if you have the sufficient knowledge then you can take the risk to do the same.  

Steps of doing editing by the help of Adobe Photoshop.

By the crop, tool minimize your image background

Create a duplicate layer by pressing Ctrl+j to avoid mistake

By the using of pen tool try to leaving the undesirable parts, at part need

to draw a line covering at the whole image.

To select the paths, hold Ctrl and click on path palate

Changed the selection by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I

To discard selected background need to press delete key

Open the inside back of the sample like T-Shirt and crop the collar area with level

Use a brush about the size of 25 and 0 feather and Click on Eraser tool and smooth out the extra bits

For creating shadow use a new layer

After background selected solid color can be selected from the adjustment

And now save the file with Ctrl+Shift+S

We would like to request all of you to use these steps for your fashionable product such as cloth for the marketing purpose at an online marketplace or any other e-commerce zone by the use of Ghost Mannequin

•             By hiring a professional expert: in that case, you can recruit someone from outside as lots of clicking path service firm available within competitive price.  

Ghost Mannequin becomes popular already around of us if we look to the top listed e-commerce site like at Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and many others are using this service. As Ghost Mannequin has lots of benefits to the audience. We know today’s business world is competitive and each business firm is trying to represent their product in a unique way. At the time of place order at online store or e-commerce web customers always look to the product outlook and it can increase customer interest.  So, for good revenue from your business, you have to apply ghost mannequin service techniques. Also, it should be technologically sound and according to the present era to acquire a competitive advantage. Hope this above guideline will help you.

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